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 316L and 304 Stainless Steel Casters

RCI casters, rubber tire casters, cushion wheel, platform cart casters

Vending Machine Casters

8" x 3" heavy duty boat casters

Solid Poly

Military, Ground support, Trash container, Air cargo, Nuclear Plants, Gantries, Automotive, Aerospace casters.

 Quantities vary daily.

Specialty Caster is a discount division of Carolina Material Handling which has been selling high quality casters since 1972.  Our customer base includes: Agricultural; Automotive; Aerospace; Boat Builders; Commercial;  Fabricators; Industrial; Food Processors;  Manufacturers; Millwrights; Nurseries; OEM; Pharmaceutical; Welders; and US Military. We ship daily from the following warehouse locations: Greensboro, NC; Middletown, OH; Dallas, TX, Los Angeles, CA; Atlanta, GA; Albion, MI; St. Joseph, MI; Newnam, GA; Evansville, IN; Jackson, TN; Chicago,.Illinois & other locations across the USA. Having many shipping points helps us to  get the casters delivered to you faster. 

Our mission is to listen to our client's specific needs and deliver high performance casters in a timely manner.

Special note: Due to recent increases in steel pricing all casters are subject to a steel surcharge.

Pneumatic Casters

Military casters, nuclear plant casters, soft ride casters, spring loaded casters

Tool Box Casters w/ Brake

Poly on Poly

Specialty Casters  

swivel casters with solid poly wheels, precision bearings, stainless steel casters, nonmarking

Top Plate Size is 4" x 4.5".    Bolt Hole Spacing is 2-5/8" x 3-5/8" slotted to 3" x 3".  Attaching Bolt Size is 3/8"

Other plate sizes available.

#CO3PO201B8168YY Vending Machine Caster

2" x 1-3/4" wheel, Rig is 1/2" x 13 x 1-1/2: stem

Special price: $3.99 ea.

​For Coca-Cola and Pepsi

304 stainless casters, 316 stainless casters, pharmaceutical casters, chemical casters, caster warehouse, durable casers
10" magliner wheels, tires, care free wheels, precision bearing

#W5PHN6400 5" x 1-1/2" wheel with 1/2" bearing: $6.95 ea.

Decloet 18322 5" x 2" wheel with 1/2" bearing:        $6.95 ea.

#W6PHN6400 6" x 1-1/2" wheel with 1/2" bearing: $7.95 ea.

#W6PHN6600 6" x 2" wheel with 1/2" bearing:        $7.95 ea. 

heavy duty automotive casters, hamilton casters

Vestil New Steel Yard ramps from $8,500

Vestil Scissors lifts from $1,781.00

Vestil Pallet Jacks from $300.00

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Heavy Duty Boat Casters

4"     x       1-1/4"   White Polyolefin             S5240-01-HDPW   S5250R-01-HDPW        Plain                             300          $35.25         $25.75

5"     x       1-1/4"   White Polyolefin             S5250-01-HDPW   S5250R-01-HDPW        Plain                             325          $39.25         $29.25

6"     x       2"          Solid Blue Poly                S6660-01-SPU       S6660R-01-SPU           SS Roller                      900          $73.11         $68.00


At Specialty Casters,  We have a large inventory to ship out most casters in  48 hours and within 5 days on large quantities and special items. We represent Albion, Blickle, Caster Concepts, Caster Warehouse, Colson, Darnell, Darcor, Durable Superior Casters, Fairbanks,  Hamilton, MedCaster, RWM, Vestil and more. 


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#D4DS12NS7445YY Dual Wheel Extreme Duty

Kingpinless casters with 12" x 4" dual steel wheels. Wheels have HD tapered bearings.

8-1/2" x 8-1/2" mounting plate. Used in Aerospace, Automotive, Nuclear Plants,  Boat and Ship Building, Military and Petroleum Industry.

Discount price: $879.00 ea. In Stock

To order:

 We sell casters to all 50 states in the U.S.A




"We recently purchased the 6660-01-SPU-BB casters. Great casters.

We are replacing all of our casters with these."


​Computer Hardware Mfg

"The heavy duty boat casters are some of the best we have bought. The unique crowned tread helps the dollies turn easier"


Boat Manufacturer

Specialty Casters        Phone: 919-584-4377

Thermal Plastic Rubber

304 stainless casters, 316 stainless casters, pharmaceutical casters, chemical casters, caster warehouse, durable casers

Tobacco Bin Replacement Wheels

Used orange tear drop beams
extereme duty casters, heavy duty boat casters, ship building casters, military casters

Rubber Tired Cast Iron Center

6" x 2" heavy duty boat casters


#C21PP50GI4495YY 5" no bumper: $7.50 ea.

#C21PP50GI4495TY 5" with brake: $8.50 ea.

​No bumper.

Also fits Nexel and Quantum 

10" pneumatic casters with brake
Frito Lay 4 wheel snack truck

Wheel Diam. Tread Width   Wheel Type        Swivel Number     Rigid Number    Wheel Bearing Type    Load Capacity   Swivel Price      Rigid Price

Buy Vestil Products here

Albion 8" x 2" shiney casters

Medium Heavy Duty Boat Casters

Model HTA-14 4 wheel snack truck  $ 375.00

Model HTA-16 2 wheel snack truck  $ 365.00​In Stock

Magliner Replacement Wheels

2" pepsi and coca cola vending machine casters

Great easy to push casters with solid poly wheel and precision bearing. Swivels

6640-01-SPU 4" x 2", 800 lbs cap.  $18.00

6650-01-SPU 5" x 2", 900 lbs cap.  $19.00

6660-01-SPU 6" x 2", 900 lbs cap.  $22.00

6680-01-SPU 8" x 2", 900 lbs cap.  $32.00

For Fixed Rigid casters deduct $2.00 ea. from swivel price.

Extreme Duty 40,000 lbs. capacity casters

Ergonomic Casters

Industrial, Work Cells, Service Carts, Platform Carts, Material Handling Carts, Metro Wire Carts, Utility Carts, Spring Loaded, Work in process Carts.

Heavy Duty

Used Pallet Rack

Quantum Wire Cart Replacement Casters

Wheel Diam. Tread Width   Wheel Type        Swivel Number     Rigid Number    Wheel Bearing Type    Load Capacity   Swivel Price      Rigid Price


Boat Casters, Kingpinless, Tobacco Wheels, High Capacity, Hospital, Pneumatic, Extreme Duty, High Temperature, Helicopter, Vending Machine

Metro, replacement casters, wheels, nexel casters, Quantum casters
inexpensive casters, polyolefin casters,
steel wheels, ductile casters, semi steel wheel casters

Magliner Gemini Sr  lay down hand truck $315.00

​In Stock

Give us a call today for your specific caster needs. 336-210-1325

Including : Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware. Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming and Puerto Rico 

6" x 2" phenolic wheels, roller bearings, 5x2 wheels, 6x1.5 tobacco wheels

 4"     x      2"        Rubber on Cast Iron          6640-01-RCI      6640R-01-RCI                      Roller                          350        $11.00              $9.00

4"    x        2"         Thermal Plastic Rubber   6640-01-TPR     6640R-01-TPR                     Roller                         300         $11.00             $9.00

4"    x        2"         Phenolic                            6640-01-PHN     6640R-01-PHN                    Roller                         800         $11.00             $9.00

4"    x        2"         Poly on Poly                      6640-01-XLB      6640R-01-XLB                     Roller                         800         $11.00             $9.00

4"    x        2"         Polyolefin                          6640-01-XDP      6640R-01-XDP                    Roller                         700         $11.00             $9.00

4"   x         2"         Poly on Cast Iron             6640-01-PCI        6640R-01-PCI                     Roller                         800         $11.00             $9.00

4"   x         2"          Solid Poly Ergo               6640-01-SPUBB  6640R-01-SPUBB                Ball                            800         $17.50          $16.50

5"   x         2"          Rubber on Cast Iron       6650-01-RCI        6650R-01-RCI                     Roller                         450         $11.95           $10.00
5"    x        2"         Thermal Plastic Rubber  6650-01-TPR       6650R-01-TPR                    Roller                         350         $11.95           $10.00
5"    x        2"         Phenolic                           6650-01-PHN      6650R-01-PHN                    Roller                         900         $11.95           $10.00
5"    x        2"         Poly on Poly                     6650-01-XLB       6650R-01-XLB                     Roller                         900         $11.95           $10.00
5"    x        2"         Polyolefin                         6650-01-XDP       6650R-01-XDP                    Roller                         700         $11.95           $10.00
5"   x         2"         Poly on Cast Iron             6650-01-PCI        6650R-01-PCI                     Roller                         900         $11.95           $10.00

5"   x         2"         Solid Poly  Ergo               6650-01-SPUBB  6650R-01-SPUBB                Ball                            900         $18.50           $17.50
6"   x         2"        Rubber on Cast Iron         6660-01-RCI        6660R-01-RCI                     Roller                         500         $13.00           $11.50
6"    x        2"         Thermal Plastic Rubber  6660-01-TPR      6660R-01-TPR                    Roller                         400          $13.00          $11.50
6"    x        2"         Phenolic                            6660-01-PHN      6660R-01-PHN                  Roller                         900          $13.00          $11.50
6"    x        2"         Poly on Poly                      6660-01-XLB       6660R-01-XLB                   Roller                         900          $13.00          $11.50
6"    x        2"         Polyolefin                          6660-01-XDP       6660R-01-XDP                  Roller                         700          $13.00          $11.50
6"    x        2"         Poly on Cast Iron              6660-01-PCI        6660R-01-PCI                   Roller                         900          $13.00          $11.50

6"    x        2"         Solid Poly Ergo                 6660-01-SPUBB  6660R-01-SPU                   Ball                            900          $19.99          $18.50
Yellow above denotes top selling, longest lasting and easiest rolling casters!!!

RTP casters, non marking rubber casters, TPR casters, quiet casters, ball bearings in wheels

Frito Lay 2 wheel snack truck

#57CD80LR2419YY Heavy Duty Kingpinless Caster

4-1/2" x 6-1/4" Plate

6,000 lbs capacity per caster

8" Steel Wheel is crowned for easy swiveling

Price: $95.00 ea.

6" x 2" tool box phenolic casters

6850-01-DUCTLB 5" x 2", 1400 lbs. cap. $36.00

6860-01-DUCTLB 6" x 2", 1400 lbs. cap. $41.00

6880-01-DUCTLB 8" x 2", 1400 lbs. cap. $43.00

4-1/2" x 6-1/4" Plate

Swivel with brake

ergonomic casters, industrial casters, precision bearing casters, easy to roll casters, easy start casters, Albion, Darcor

Send us an email and we'll get right back to you. rob@specialtycasters.com

Ergonomic Casters

phenolic caster wheels, heavy duty casters, 6x2 phenolic,
Used 42" x 16' tear drop uprights

#1040 10" Air Pneumatic :  $18.95 ea.

#1010 10" Carefree no air:   $22.50 ea.

Both have 5/8" easy rolling precision bearings.

Fits Magliner,  B&P,  Magcoa, Harper and Wesco

Autoclave, Pharmaceutical Casters, Chemical, Fisheries, Laboratory,

Clean Rooms, 304 and 316L Casters.

ployurethane on ploy casters, casters with brake, nonmarking casters

Magliner Laydown Hand Trucks

6" x 2" ergonomic easy rolling casters

7610-01-B 10"x 3-1/2"  Pneumatic Swivel Caster $22.50 ea.

7610R-01-B 10" x 3-1/2" Rigid Caster:                   $19.50 ea.

7610-01-B-TLB 10" x 3-1/2" Swivel with brake:     $25.00 ea.

Top plate: 4" x 4.5", Capacity: 350 lbs. O.AH. 12-1/16"

Magliner Gemini Sr.

B&P Snack Trucks

#6660-01-PHN-TLB  6x2 swivel with brake

Phenolic wheel with roller bearings

4" x 4.5" top plate

1200 lbs. capacity

$49.96 per set of 4