Floor locks are used on carts and equipment as a safety device to keep the cart stationery.

We stock 4", 5",6" and 8"and they are used with the corresponding caster size.

Price: $19.00 ea. 4" through 8".

Bishamon, Blue Giant, BT,  Crown, Hu Lift, Jet, Lift Rite, Magnum, Mobile, Multiton and Wesley.

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Helicopter Dolly Casters & wheels

Pallet Jack Replacement Wheels

Caster plates are used when building carts. You weld caster plates on and slide caster rig into the caster plate. This allows you to quickly change the caster in the future. 

Part # CP100UNI for 4" x 4.5' top plates

Special price: $3.25 ea.

Floor Locks

#45BC80JX6063YY Kingpinless Swivel 8" x 2"

Wheels are high modulas rubber vulcanized to aluminum core. Rounded tread offers excellent shock absorbing qualities. The swivel rig is designed for towing and impacts.

Swivels are $59.00 ea, and Rigids are $49.00 ea.

Wheels only are $29.00 ea.

One week lead time.

6" x 2" Swivel # 6660-01-PHN $13.00 ea.

6" x 2" Fixed # 6660R-01-PHN $11.50 ea.

8" x 2" Swivel # 6680-01-PHN $18.00 ea.

8" x 2" Fixed # 6680R-01-PHN $16.50 ea.

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Self Dumping Hopper Casters

Caster Plates